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The WMO has requested that mercury is to be phased-out of the Meteorological field by 2020.  This need for change was instigated by the Minamata Convention’s Global Treaty to eradicate mercury on the basis of its danger to human beings, animals and the environment. The Treaty has been signed by 128 countries to date. The EU has also taken action to eliminate the manufacture or sale of mercury-containing goods including all mercury filled thermometers and barometers.

Whilst this is correct for the safety of all, it does pose serious problems for both National HydroMeteorological Networks, as well as persons and organisations who need to continue their hygrometeric, soil temperature and barometric readings. Beyond this, due to issues of step-change, the need for switching to a high accuracy alternative instrument is both necessary in terms of global policy, but also for the continuation of readings from manual to automated.  Having seen this problem on the horizon, we at Fairmount Weather Systems decided to address it. The result: Intellisense® (pictured right).

Intellisense® is a high-end precision measuring, modular instrument, that measures with an accuracy of greater than 0.1°C with a resolution of 0.01, easily meeting the requirements set out by the WMO CIMO guide. In terms of hygrometric and soil temperature measurements there is no other product like it in the mercury replacement market.

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