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Mercury Replacement

The Intellisense® Data acquisition module has been designed as a replacement for obsolete mercury filled Thermometers and Barometers.

Intellisense® measures and archives high accuracy meteorological data to internal memory for subsequent data collection via USB/RS232/RS422 connection to a PC or Optional GPRS telemetry.



Temperature measurement: each module and its pair of PT100 sensors are factory adjusted to provide an accuracy and repeatability of better than 0.1 degrees C*

Pressure measurement: each module is adjusted to give better than 0.3hPa*

*Under controlled calibration laboratory conditions


Intellisense® can be delivered with cellular connectivity enabling data transmission automatically via the cellular network to the IoT.

A user can connect a PC via USB/RS232/RS422 to the master Intellisense® module and via the internal CANBUS communication facility can talk to any other Intellisense module in the network to interrogate it, display current values upload stored data or download new firmware.


Post Processing via Graphical User Interface

Users can display archived or live data using our latest Graphical User Interface, Xyrix™

Details on request


Intellisense® provides a modular approach to automated monitoring and data collection of meteorological parameters, enabling additional sensors to be added simply by ‘plugging in’ extra modules to create a network.


Multiple Sensors

At the heart of the system the CPU collects data from any sensor it has been configured to read. This data is internally processed to 24 bit resolution and archived to memory.


An LCD digital display shows current data sets of Hygrometer and Barometer and of any connected modules allowing manual observations.


Fast Response Sensors

Incorporated as a result of tests undertaken within the Department of Meteorology, University of Reading - (Burt S, WMO Technical Conference on Meteorological and Environmental Instruments and Methods of Observation – CIMO TECO ‐ 2018).

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