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Fairmount Weather Systems Ltd to manufacture and service Casella’s Meteorological products

1 Jan 2015

Casella, renowned as a leading supplier of measuring instrumentation, has chosen to concentrate its efforts on its core business areas of Industrial Hygiene and Environmental Dust and Noise Monitoring in-line with the company’s ambitious growth strategy.

As a result, by the 31st Dec 2014, Casella will no-longer retain the necessary resources required to continue in the field of conventional meteorological and automated weather equipment.

Casella will continue to manufacture and supply a range of Tipping Bucket Rain Gauges and Rainfall Intensity solutions.

Casella, recognizing there are many loyal customers who require legacy support, have reached an agreement with Fairmount Weather Systems to continue the manufacture of Casella conventional meteorological instruments and automated Nomad and Automatic Weather Stations, Sensus Data Loggers, Wind Sensors and Solarimeters under the Fairmount brand.

Ben Henson, General Manager for Casella says : “Casella has been manufacturing scientific apparatus for almost 200 years and our name has become synonymous with Meteorological Instruments but as a business we have chosen a new direction.

Aware of how this change will affect our loyal Meteorological customers we sought a partner that could offer seamless continuity of supply and provide support going forward. As a sub-contract manufacturer to Casella, Fairmount were the obvious choice to provide ongoing supply and support for the Casella range of meteorological Instruments to our worldwide customer base.

Paul Copping, CEO, Fairmount Weather Systems stated that “Fairmount are honoured to be selected by Casella to take up the manufacture, supply and legacy support of the Casella range of Meteorological Instruments.

We have been steadily increasing our manufacturing and development base over the past quarter of a century and this is a natural progression for our company.

Our conventional and automated meteorological monitoring instruments are complimentary to the Casella products and they will fit perfectly into our product range”.

The legacy support takeover is with immediate effect. For all enquiries please contact: Tom Copping Business Development Manager Fairmount Weather Systems Ltd Unit 4, Whitecroft Road | Meldreth, Hertfordshire | SG8 6NE | UK

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