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Fairmount to exhibit Sensus II & Intellisense® GPRS @ Meteorological Technology World Expo 2016

3 Jul 2016

This year we will be exhibiting several new additions to the Fairmount Brand in Madrid from the 27th-29th September.

Our first introduction will be the Sensus II datalogger AWS which is an upgrade to the original Casella Sensus Datalogger – an acquisition after being chosen to represent Casella’s legacy. The system comes with sensors for seven parameters (with the option of configuring further sensors). The system will also come with updated LoggerNet GUI software.

In addition to the Sensus AWS we will also be introducing GPRS technology to our Intellisense modules for transmission from desired and/or remote sites. Due to Intellisense® data logging capability we will be demonstrating its use as a fully-fledged AWS solving both the issue of mercury replacement as well as creating an expandable automated monitoring system with many parameters.

We will be at stand 9130. For more info on the above please email:

For more info on the exhibition (which is free to attend) please (click here)

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