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Evaporation Pan

FAIRMOUNT Class “A” Evaporation Pan :

Dimensions : 1220mm dia. X 254mm high Weight : 20kg Ordering Information: FM9002 Class “A” Evaporation Pan

Spun from high quality aluminium with a rolled top edge for strength.

Product Details

The evaporation pan is installed on the wooden support, which is set and levelled on the ground in a grassy location, away from bushes, trees and other obstacles which obstruct a natural air flow around the pan, thus representing open water in an open area. Daily the result of evaporation and precipitation is measured within the still well, by means of a high quality evaporation micrometer with a measuring range of 100 mm and an accuracy of 0.02 mm. This accuracy can be obtained because the still well prevents rippling of the water surface.

The amount of evaporation is a function of temperature, humidity, wind and other ambient conditions. In order to relate the evaporation to wind current or expected – conditions, the maximum and minimum temperature as well as the amount of air passed are recorded with the evaporation. For a more exact use of the evaporation pan it is recommended to use an additional wind path meter.

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