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Wind Vane

The Fairmount Wind Vane is a professional sensor intended to provide reliable and accurate measurement of wind speed and direction, combining traditional British quality with modern electronics. It has been developed to offer very smooth and reliable mechanical operation with minimum maintenance.

The Wind Vane incorporates technology using a giant magneto resistive (GMR) sensor to offer accurate and frictionless sensing. It has an electrical output proportional to the direction of the wind. The output, with no deadband at north, is also suitable for feeding monitoring systems such as the Fairmount NOMAD, EMS3800 Automatic Weather Stations or Intellisense®.

In addition, an NMEA serial output can be made available from the Wind Vane containing both wind direction and wind speed information updated four times per second. When used with the Sensor Interface module, reliable long distance communications can be provided.

Product Details

Transducer type: GMR solid state system with microcontroller

Maximum wind speed: 75 m/s Resolution: 1o

Accuracy: <±2o

Aligning threshold: <0.8 m/s for a 10o offset

Damping ratio: 0.25

Distance constant: Typically 3.0 m

Undamped natural wavelength: 2.2 m

Repeatability; 0.5% FSD

Electrical angle: 0 to 359o no deadband at North

Nominal output signal: 0 to 1.8 V DC for 0 to 359o representing a 1 s rolling average updated 5 times per second

NMEA serial output: When anemometer is connected, 0 to 5 V level data containing both direction and speed information updated 4 times per second

Supply voltage: 6 to 28 V DC

Power consumption: 3 mA Stabilisation time: <1 s from power up

Operating temperature: -20 to +70oC

Heater option: 24 V DC / AC, 100 Ω 6 W

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