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Sensus II Data Logger

The Fairmount Sensus II is a – comprehensively – specified universal data logger that can accurately measure inputs from a wide range of sensors. It can also be used to control and access data from external intelligent devices via a dedicated RS232 communication port. Its large standard memory (512k) can be extended with Compact Flash memory cards, which also facilitate rapid data downloads directly to archive file for historical analysis.

The Fairmount Sensus II has been specifically designed as a Meteorological or Hydrological data collection platform but is equally suited to Research, Scientific, Environmental and Industrial applications. The logger unit can be supplied individually, networked or as part of an integrated monitoring system using a range of available data collection options such as GSM/GPRS Modem for Cellular Network connectivity.

Product Details


  • 24 single ended analogue channels configurable to 12 differential analogue channels (8 single ended / 4 differential via expansion port)

  • 24 digital inputs (via analogue)

  • 16 alarm channels activating 4 alarm output channels

  • 4 counter channels

  • 512 kB Flash memory as standard, (approx. 15,000 data sets with 7 channels) Firmware field-upgradable

  • Built in maths function that allows scaling of signals to engineering units

  • EMC and transient suppression

  • Integrated lead acid charger

  • Solar regulator system

  • Optional GSM/GPRS connectivity

  • Modem alarm dial out facility

  • Alarm notification by SMS using GSM/GPRS modem

  • Optional internal temperature and barometric pressure sensor

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