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Relative Humidity and Air Temperature Probe

Product Details

Outputs: 0 to 1vdc = 0 to 100% Rh 0 to 1vdc = -40 to 60 Degree C

Measurement Resolution : 1% Rh 0.1 Degree C

Calibration Accuracy humidity (at 22°C) ±1% with respect to in house Standard Calibration accuracy, temperature ±0,3°C with respect to in house Standard Reproducibility 0.5% relative humidity/0,1°C Typical long-term stability better than 1% relative humidity over one year Response time (without filter) 20s (% relative humidity), 10s (°C) Calibration points, humidity 95% relative humidity Adjustment points (potentiometer)–humidity 35%, 80%, min. Adjustment points (potentiometer)–temperature Tmin. and Tmax. Supply voltage (min./max.) 4.8…26.5 V DC (option: 3.6…12 V DC) Max. current consumption 6mA Sensor protection wire filter SP -W25

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