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The NOMAD is a truly portable monitoring station. It is supplied in customised carrying cases and is specifically designed for easy transportation, rapid deployment and quality of measurement.

The NOMAD can be deployed and be collecting data in under 5 minutes with disassembly being just as quick, allowing you to be packed and en-route to the next monitoring site without delay.

Quality construction and an integrated solar panel gives NOMAD the independence required for prolonged operation in isolated or inhospitable environments.

The NOMAD’s portability allows the user to monitor any location and as standard measures: temperature, humidity, pressure, wind speed, wind direction, solar radiation and rainfall.

Easy Assembly 5 minutes

The NOMAD system comprises three key components, a lightweight collapsible tripod assembly. The Sensus II data logger (logger, solar panel and rechargeable battery) and detachable sensor array (anemometer, wind vane, temperature, humidity and solar radiation.)

A barometric pressure sensor is integrated within the Sensus II logger and a tipping bucket rain gauge is generally sited adjacent to the system. The system comes complete with an anchoring kit and compass for correct station orientation.

All components are housed within custom designed carry cases for ease of transportation and system protection.


  • Environmental Consultancy

  • Site boundary monitoring

  • Landfill sites

  • Emergency Services

  • Military

  • Golf Courses

  • Ports and Harbours

  • Agrochemical field and trials

  • Fruit growing

  • Airport gliding clubs

  • Educational field studies

  • Geotechnical studies

  • Athletics meetings

  • Climatology Studies

Product Details

Nomad Portable Automatic Weather Station with 2m Tripod Mast for easy and fast deployment in the field. Includes rugged transport case. Consisting of:

SENSUS Data-logger

Internal memory: 512Kbytes (extendible up to 256 Mbytes maximum on CF card)

Number of channels: 32 (11 max on NOMAD systems)

Logging interval: Adjustable from 5 seconds

Display: 2 line by 20 characters LCD

Communications: RS232 & RS485


– Wind Speed

Transducer: Optical encoder

Resolution: 7.84cm

Accuracy: ±0.3 ms-1 below 3 ms-1 ± 1% over 3ms-1

– Wind Direction

Transducer: GMR

Resolution: 1°

Accuracy: ±2°

– Temperature

Transducer: PRTD

Accuracy: ±0.3°C @ 0°C ±0.55°C @ 50°C

– Humidity

Transducer: Capacitive

Accuracy: ±3%

– Pressure

Transducer: 800-1100 Mb silicon bridge

Resolution: <1mb calibration accuracy

Temp drift: typically <0.15mb/°C

– Solarimeter

Transducer: Silicon Detector

Resolution: 0.1 Wm-2

– Rainfall

Transducer: Tipping Bucket Rain gauge

Accuracy: ±1% @ 1 Liter per hour

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