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Cup Anemometer

The Fairmount Anemometer is a professional sensor intended to provide reliable and accurate measurement of wind speed, combining traditional British quality with modern electronics. It has been developed to offer very smooth and reliable mechanical operation with a minimum of maintenance.

The rotational speed of the Anemometer is monitored using a non-contacting design that provides an output directly proportional to wind speeds up to 75 m/sec. The output is suitable for feeding monitoring systems such as the Casella Automatic Weather Station

Product Details

Transducer type: Optical interrupter

Maximum wind speed: 75 m/s Starting velocity:

Typically 0.3 m/s Distance constant: 3.5 m/s

Time constant: Typically <0.5 s

Output calibration: 12.75 Hz/m/s

Resolution: 7.84 cm

Output signal: 0 – 5 V pulses Pulses/revolution: 20

Non-linearity: <±0.6%

Accuracy: ±0.3 m/s below 3 m/s ±1% over 3 m/s

Supply voltage: 6 to 28 V DC Power consumption: 3 mA

Stabilisation time: <1 s from power up

Operating temperature: -20 to +70oC

Heater option: 24 V DC / AC, 100 Ω 6 W

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