Meteohydex 2015

Affordable Mercury replacement Temperature Measurement system INTELLISENSE

FWS have designed a cost effective solution to meet the exacting standards required by NMHS’s enabling replacement of obsolete mercury thermometers and barometers with Intellisense modules

Network expansion is also possible by adding Intellisense modules to cover other measurement of other HydrMet parameters - Additional Modules are automatically recognised when added to the network.

FWS are able to produce economical solutions by utilising the massive infrastructural investment being made by the Cellular Telecommunications companies throughout the world.

Our system designers have developed state of the art hardware and propriety software to enable the use of GPRS Data transmission directly to an IP address on the WWW thereby lowering operation costs when compared with GSM and Landline ‘Dial up’ systems.
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GPRS Data Collection Platform

Visit our stand No G66 on the ground floor to find out more about our GPRS Data Collection Platform.