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Koffi Annan’s WIFA Initiative

Fairmount Weather Systems Ltd were chosen as Service Partner to the Weather Info for All Initiative – a humanitarian project driven by a team assembled by Kofi Annan the former Secretary General of the United Nations which aims to save lives and improve livelihoods of communities across Africa further establishing us as a world leader in this technology.

Effective monitoring of Meteorological and Hydrological phenomenon is key to understanding how to mitigate the effects of climate change.

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Working with Kofi Annan

Weather Info For All Initiative. Fairmount Weather Systems Ltd is selected as Service Partners for the GHF WIFA Project

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Fairmount Weather Systems Ltd manufactures automated GPRS weather stations for professional use in the field.

FWS are the largest supplier of traditional meteorological equipment in the UK. We have successfully combined cutting edge technology, with top quality traditional equipment since 1984, giving our customers reliable automated weather stations and components for use world-wide.

Climate Change

We have been working closely with developing nations and believe that effective monitoring of meteorological and the hydrological phenomenon is key to understanding climate change, and essential in developing strategies to mitigate against its effects.

National Meteorological and Hydrological Services (NHMS) are key players in the process needed to predict and combat the effects of climate change. However, lack of weather data in many remote areas make it impossible to prepare accurate regional forecasts.

A WMO study identified a need of up to 8,000 weather stations across Africa, in order to plug this data gap. In the past even if a weather station were installed in a remote area, it has been either not possible or very expensive to get hourly data back to the NMHS HQ.

Affordable GPRS System Solution

FWS has designed a cost effective solution to meet the exacting standards required by NMHS’s enabling expansion of Weather Station Networks to meet this data shortfall

FWS are able to produce low cost solutions by utilising the massive infrastructural investment being made by the Cellular Telecommunications companies throughout Africa.

Our system designers have developed state of the art hardware and propriety software to enable the use of GPRS Data transmission directly to an IP address on the WWW thereby lowering operation costs when compared with GSM and Landline ‘Dial up’ systems.


This approach aligns well with the WMO WIGOS, (World Integrated Global Observing System) making future expansion and integration seamless.

Public Service & Commercial Weather Products

NMHS’s working through aggregator service providers can make available pertinent weather products to the relevant authorities and service users, enabling them to save lives and limit the spread of disease in the advent of severe weather events by issuing advanced warnings.

Such services would fall under ‘Public Service’ information. However, there is a market for weather data and products which can produce a revenue stream for the NMHS’s, which can then be re-invested into the network to ensure sustainability.